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Sports Litigation and Contract (FIFA) Disputes

Our focus is on "Career Guidance."  We focus on the overall long term goals for each player and what is the best way to achieve these goals.  It is much more important to advance a player's career then make a move for a short term gain. 

The Big Picture is what is important.  We are here to represent a client for his entire career not just a quick transfer.  It is important that you maintain your position in your respective National Team Program, for example, it is more  important for your career to take proper steps rather than a short term monetary increase.  This Career Strategy is our specialty.

As for each individual contract, no other agency is more creative in attaining the absolute most money for our clients, with the secure legal knowledge of exactly what is in the contract.  Our clients are protected legally to the utmost, while getting every the optimum dollar.

Unlike other firms, we specialize in preparing our clients for what to expect when they go abroad and when they go on trial.  Lengthy sessions with former players with foreign experience in preparation for any move.  Factors considered include Social, Economic, Political and Football Strategy.

   *  "Career Guidance and Strategy"
   *  "Long Term Goals"
   *  "Most Creative Contracts - Most Money"
   *  "Legal Protection & Security"
   *  "Personal Well Being and Family Advice"
   *  "Financial Advice"
   *  "Post Career Planning & Advice"

Mr. Robert B. Colosia, Esq. is a practicing Sports Lawyer who has had numerous successful Sports Lawsuits as well as mediated a number of contract disputes.

Whether you are a player, agent or team, you can feel confident that you are protected legally by Mr. Colosia and Group C Sports Law.

Mr. Colosia protects his clients and has a unique ability to resolve player/team disputes in an amicable fashion.

We have experience at assisting with both Teams and players in resolving contract disputes as well as FIFA Arbitration preparation.

Whether you are a club or player, contacting Mr. Colosia is your wisest decision in resolving a player dispute.

Examples of Previous Sports Lawsuits:

Jensen v. Murcia CF  Breach of Contract - Player v. Club
Clarke v. SDSD  Breach of Contract - Coach v. Club  
Adair v. CISL   Breach of Contract - Player v. Club
Gravelle v. Gulls Breach of Contract - Player v. Club
Gardiner v. Cocchia Manager v. Owner - Fraud/Breach of Contract ($351,000 Judgment)
Ortiz v. Major League Soccer Workers Compensation - Player
San Diego Sockers, ValleyQuakes                  Breach of Contract- Club v. Player, Trademark, Corporate Formation

Additionally, we assist in Visa Processing.  Example Ricardo Virtuoso American Visa from Brazil.

Some Press Clippings:
Settling of Gravelle v. Gulls
Filing of Gravelle v. Gulls
Danish News - Soccer Deal
Representing Haitian National Team
Gravelle Negotiations

Marketing and Public Relations Team Consulting and Event Advice

  Since 1994, we have been handling shoe endorsements for our clients.

Contracts with Nike, Puma and Adidas.

Additionally, we are always putting our Public Relations "machine" to work.  Group C is in constant contact with Editors and reporters of some of the leading and most respected soccer news organizations.

Mr. Colosia has been a guest speaker on Teamtalk Radio in UK.

Group C always explains and teaches our clients how to deal with the media.            

  Group C has years of experience at advising Teams in American style Marketing and Promotions, as well as cutting edge ticket sales strategy, stadium financing and Media Relations Strategy.

Numerous Club and Event clients have come to Group C for Legal Consultation for everything from start up to trademarking.

Also, Group C has advised Promoters of Events and individual matches on the numerous pitfalls and each of the areas listed above.

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Player Representation (Creative Win-Win Unique Contracts) * Sports Law/FIFA Disputes * Endorsements (i.e. Shoes) * Team Consulting (Ticket Sales-Marketing-Promotion-Finances) * Team Public Relations/Media Consulting * Post Career Advice * Event Consultation <<more info

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