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.San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Robert Colosia has many years of experience in settling auto accident and personal injury cases.       He has provided the best representation and achieved the best results for his clients.

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Wrongful Death                                           If your loved has died in an accident or due to someone else’s negligence  Our san diego personal injury attorneys will fight to recover the compensation you deserve.     

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IF YOU HAVE AN ACCIDENT:                                          1. Call 911 and explain the situation.                                           2. Obtain as much information as you can from the other persons involved (name, numbers, licenses, car insurance info).               3. Draw a simple diagram of the accident.                                 4. If you think you are in the wrong, you should not volunteer any information as to who was to blame for the accident, consult an attorney first.                                                                                 5. Report the accident to the police, then your insurance, however DO NOT discuss the case with them, then DMV, you must report the accident to DMV within 10 days in an SR-1 form.                                                                                             6. Contact this office immediately.                                              7. See a physician regarding your personal injury.     

CHOOSING A DOCTOR:                                                    1. When you have been in a personal injury accident, selecting a doctor is very important.                                                                2. Word of mouth is an excellent method of finding a personal injury physician.  Ask your friends for a good referral.                    3. Convenient location is important, as consistency of treatment is a must.  Personal injury cases will not heal unless you follow the doctors instructions.                                                                       4. In Personal Injury cases your physician will typically permit your personal injury lawyer to sign a lien, meaning that the doctor's bill will come out of the personal injury case settlement.                    5. Lastly, it is important for you to feel better and let your san diego personal injury lawyer do  the rest! 

San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys


It is important to contact a local San Diego personal injury lawyer  right away after your accident in order to protect yourself. We service all of San Diego County Courts, and Southern California.

It is important to talk to your San Diego personal injury lawyer, after the auto accident to start working on the preparing the case.  San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Robert Colosia, handles your property damage claim for FREE! He starts working on your personal injury case right away after the FIRST PHONE CALL!

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Gardiner v.Cocchia $318,00 Fraud/Breach of Contract      

Huerta v. Classic Cars $272,000 Fraud/Breach of Contract          

Parsells  $100,000 Policy Limits Personal Injury - Auto Accident

Argueta $100,000 Policy Limits Wrongful Death

In re Jessica B. $100,000 Policy Lim Premises Liability  

Quiroz v. Fronteras $100,000  Personal Injury - Auto v. Pedestrian


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No Matter what your legal problem is, we can help.  Ask the san diego personal injury attorney for FREE.  Ask a SAN DIEGO LAWYER FOR FREE Now.  Free consultation and free advice.


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